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Breaking News: Israeli Military Under Attack 5,000 Rockets

Breaking News: Israel Under Siege - 5,000 Rockets Rain Down

In a rapidly escalating situation, Israel is currently facing a barrage of over 5,000 rockets, with sirens sounding warnings across the southern and central regions of the country. The Israeli Military has declared a “state of readiness for war” in response to these developments.

The Israeli military has reported that Palestinian militants from Hamas have infiltrated Israel through the Gaza Strip. Rocket attacks have been launched from the blockaded Gaza Strip, resulting in the tragic death of at least one Israeli civilian. Rockets have been continuously launched from multiple locations in Gaza, painting the sky with fiery streaks.
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Amidst this chaos, the Israeli Army has issued urgent warnings to the public, urging them to seek shelter in bomb shelters. The situation is described as dire, with the military actively preparing for war.

“In the last hour, a massive rocket barrage originating from Gaza has commenced within Israeli territory, accompanied by terrorist incursions into various locations,” stated the Israeli army through their social media platform.

Responsibility for these attacks has been attributed to Hamas, who cited ongoing provocations in Al-Aqsa and the treatment of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails as their motivations.

The conflict has escalated to gun battles between Israeli military forces and Hamas fighters at seven different locations near the Gaza border. Mayors in Israel’s southern region have been targeted, with the Mayor of Sha’ar Hanegev, Ofir Libstein, tragically killed by Hamas.

Israel has responded with airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, and Hamas claimed to have captured Israeli soldiers. Israel initiated “Operation Iron Swords” in response to the escalating attacks, involving major operations against Hamas in southern Israel and along the Gaza Strip. Over 10,000 reservists have been called up to bolster the country’s defense forces.

Commercial airports in central and southern Israel have been shut down, with Ben Gurion Airport operating under strict security protocols. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to declare an official state of war in a cabinet meeting.

Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office is reporting over 100 casualties, with many in critical condition due to rocket strikes. Rockets have even reached Mevaseret Zion, a town near Jerusalem. Israeli police are actively engaged in over 21 operations against terrorist groups in the southern regions.

Palestinian fighters have reportedly captured an Israeli military base near the Gaza border, further intensifying the conflict. United States Embassy ChargĂ© d’Affaires in Israel, Stephanie Hallett, has condemned the rocket attacks, emphasizing Israel’s right to defend itself.

Reports indicate that two Palestinian youths have died, and five others were wounded by Israeli forces near Bureij camp. Meanwhile, the Mayor of the southern Bedouin town of Kuseife reported casualties resulting from rocket strikes by Hamas fighters.

Roads, bridges, and border crossings near the Gaza Strip have been sealed off by the Israeli Defense Forces. The Southern District Commander of the Israeli Police was injured in a gunfire exchange with Palestinian fighters in southern Israel.

The conflict continues, with ongoing rocket fire from the Gaza Strip targeting southern and central Israel. Israel’s Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, expressed concern over the combined attack on Israel during the Jewish holiday.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Joav Gallant, has mobilized reservists as needed, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group has expressed support for Hamas’ assault on Israel.

Protests in Israel against the government’s judicial overhaul plan have been canceled to focus on ensuring the security and health of citizens amid the Palestinian attack. Reports suggest that Hamas fighters have taken control of a police station in Israel’s Sderot, resulting in injuries.

Palestinian militants have reportedly taken Israeli citizens hostage in Sderot’s Kibbutz region, and there are indications that Israel has lost control of the border crossing with the Gaza Strip. The Defense Minister has declared an emergency situation within 80 kilometers from the Gaza Strip, allowing the Home Front Command to impose restrictions on gatherings.

Israel’s military is striking targets in the Gaza Strip, and Palestinian fighters have captured equipment and vehicles belonging to the Israeli Defense Forces. Disturbingly, infiltrators used motorized hand gliders to enter Israel, and videos show them attempting to enter people’s homes.

The situation remains fluid, with continued rocket sirens heard across Israel, particularly near the disputed city of Jerusalem.

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