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Can You Renew Your Car Tax If Your Mot Has Expired?

In order to legally drive your car on the road, you need to fulfil a few legal requirements such as car tax, insurance and an MOT. Some people are a little confused in the legal works, for example, what if you forget your car MOT test or if it is possible to tax your car without a valid MOT? If you are looking for MOT test Rugby, we offer the best Car Servicing Rugby at reasonable prices.

In this article, we are going to discuss what to do if your MOT has expired. We also talk about the insurance implications of your MOT expiring, whether you can tax your car with an MOT certificate and what happens if a police catches you driving your car without an MOT. 

Why Valid MOT is Important for Your Car?

A MOT is required to ensure that your car meets the minimum safe standard to make sure it is safe to drive on roads. A valid MOT is required by law for most cars to allow them to have valid insurance and to be able to get vehicle tax, but there are some exceptions to it. If you bought a brand new car, you don’t need to require an MOT certificate until your car is three years old from its registration date.  

Older vehicles are exempt from needing an MOT test. If you own a vintage classic car that is more than 40 years old, your car doesn’t require to have an MOT test and car tax. 

If you have a vehicle which is soon reaching the 40-year mark and you are unsure if it needs an MOT test, you can visit the government website to learn more details about historic and classic vehicles.

Do You Need A Valid MOT Before Taxing Your Car?

You need to have a valid MOT of your car to purchase your car tax. If you purchase your car tax online, the system will check if your car has a valid MOT before allowing you to purchase your tax.

If you are planning to purchase car tax offline, you have a thought in mind that can you purchase car tax with an MOT certificate. Yes, it is possible to take your MOT certificate and your V11 reminder to tax your car at the post office, but you will require a valid MOT certificate to be able to do this. 

Can You Tax Your Car If The MOT Has Expired?

If your car MOT is not valid or expired, you will not be able to tax your car. You need the pass MOT certificate which is up-to-date to purchase the car tax. It doesn’t matter if you choose to purchase your car tax online or in person at a post office, you must have a valid MOT certificate for your car.

When you get your V11 vehicle tax reminder through the post, it is better to check the next MOT due date. This will allow you to know you have a current MOT and remind you when you need to renew your car tax. 

How Much MOT Do I Need Left to Tax My Car?

Before you tax your car, it is better to check how much time your Car Servicing Rugby and MOT left before it expires. In order to tax your car you need to have a valid MOT from the start date of your car tax or the date it is issued. 

If your MOT expires before any of these dates. You will not be able to use your MOT to tax your car. You will have to arrange an MOT appointment as soon as possible to tax your car before the MOT expires.

How To Check If Your Mot is Due?

Writing it down when your MOT is due is helpful to avoid any delays in obtaining your car tax and to ensure you don’t need to take the risk of your expiring before you have a valid MOT certificate. There are a few different ways you get to know your car MOT’s next due date.

If you have the previous year’s MOT certificate, check both the date when your car passes the MOT and the due date. For some reason, if you can not find your MOT certificate, you can check your MOT expiry date online.

You can check on the government website, they have a tool that allows you to check the MOT status of your car and when is your next due date. To use this tool you need to provide your car registration number.

If you are a person who forgets things easily and you know you will forget your next MOT due date, you can sign up for MOT reminder services. This reminder service offers you free alerts one before your MOT expires so that you have enough time to book your MOT appointment. You have the option to receive MOT reminders via email or text message.

Is Your Car Insurance Invalid Without MOT?

If your car does not have a valid or up-to-date MOT, you will not be able to drive your car on roads legally. Without a valid MOT certificate, your car insurance will be invalid. If driving your car and are involved in an accident, the insurance company will not give cover for your car’s damages. 

Driving your car without a valid MOT is illegal and you could be breaking the law if you do so. As your insurance will be invalidated because you don’t have a valid MOT, you could face serious fines and penalties if you are caught by police while driving your car.


At last, you can’t renew your car tax if you do not have a valid MOT that is updated. Book your MOT appointment from the nearest MOT centre or workshop to get your MOT certificate. If you are planning to do a MOT Test Rugby, come to us. We are famous for offering the best Car Servicing Rugby at affordable prices.

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