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Flight Booking APIs to unite with in-house Platform

Flight Booking

If you have a portal related to traveling, you need to involve the service of flight booking as it is the base. To do this, choosing an apt API out of all flight booking APIs is necessary. But, if you don’t know about these APIs then no need to worry. Go through this write-up till the last line and know about the top 7 APIs for flight booking.

But, let’s grasp a bit about Flight Booking APIs before proceeding further with the best Flight booking API provider

A Brief of Flight Booking APIs

Flight Booking APIs is a technology that came into existence from airline reservation System Software. It permits you to integrate your website with a flight booking engine. It enables you to search for your desired flight and then book it by moving further with the appropriate payment method. By this, you can compare various flights to pick one out of all that are available at the best price. 

What exactly does the API do?

In a general sense, API creates the rules that a programmer needs to interact with the programming language properly. This software allows users to get their hands on data in real-time.

API mainly acts as a bridge between the actual source of data and the data that a user witnesses on their system or a mobile phone screen. There are numerous APIs present and traveling APIs are some of the popular ones. So, let’s begin with some Flight Booking APIs. 

List of 7 Ideal Flight Booking API

It doesn’t matter whether you are an established airline company or a new travel startup, involving one Flight Booking API will have you receive too many features and benefits. Change never proves as bad as it leads you through the mode of modification. Now, let’s throw light on Flight Booking API along with key characteristics and how it increases revenue or sales directly.

1. Mystifly

Mystifly is a Flight Booking API free to integrate into your website or app with complete flexibility and convenience. It works or runs parallelly for every kind of flight like charter, budget, and lavish airlines. More than 700 airlines are present here on which you can easily book your flight. 

 Striking Features

  • Quick response
  • Simple check-in
  • Choices for payment settlement
  • Customizable pricing for services


  • Affordable and time-saving
  • Presence of amazing deals
  • Easy to get hold of or integrate
  • Flexibility to book flights anyplace from any corner. 

2. Skyscanner

It is a flexible flight booking API India that you can simply integrate into your existing platforms with the assistance of flight booking software development. It is dwelled with a modern sense of architecture. Furthermore, many alternatives to complete the payment include credit card, PayPal, and Bank Transfer. 


This flight Booking API is free and is easy to unite with your website. It is available in SON, XML response format, URI query String/CRUD request format, and programming languages as well. 


This Flight Booking API is only available in a limited number of countries and places. 


  • Alerts for price
  • Confirmation of booking through mail
  • Access to the history of your flight booking

3. Sabre

Sabre API provides solutions for hotels and airlines to build mobile-friendly applications that give access to inventory, bookings, and loyalty programs. Developers can use this Flight Booking API to create applications to strengthen their internal business. 

One eye-catching thing is that this API has the presence of 4,00,000 global travel service providers. Besides this, you can spot approximately 400 carriers here. 

Significant attributes

  • Optimization of pricing
  • Inventory management or regulation
  • Existence of a Content Management system (CMS)
  • E-commerce platform

Key benefits

  • Hands to 24/7 customer support
  • Advanced system for reporting
  • Flawless Merging process
  • Offers multiple ways to do payment

4. Expedia

Expedia Flight Booking API offers the privilege to customers to look out for flights of their choice and finish the booking process in a real-time period. Alternative to explore flights based on country, city, airport, and zip code inherited there. This particular API lets the right to get hold of information regarding airlines, airports, and live schedule of flights. 

It is used by a total of 200 travel booking websites spread somewhere across 75 countries and 150 mobile websites. 


  • Option of comparing prices
  • A direct way to book a flight through their website or app
  • Impeccable customer assistance every time
  • Multi-lingual support

Top Aids

  • Simple to surf
  • Robust protection at all times
  • Easy exploration for car, hotels, and flights
  • Request raising in any issue

5. Amadeus

Amadeus lays out real-time pricing and along with this, they let you seize the previous data or insights so you can make informed decisions. Price comparison saves a lot of time for consumers as they don’t have to check many platforms for the cheapest flight to book. 

Being a powerful Flight Booking API, it satisfies all the needs of startups, travel businesses, and enterprises. Furthermore, it enables you to keep track of the live status of the flight.


Developers can use Amadeus API side by side with tools, support, and resources needed to build the application quickly. 


Ticket completion is handled by the consolidators only, getting access to it is quite impossible. Moreover, Amadeus APIs are extortionate and not everyone can easily gain them. 

6. PKfare

PKfare is particularly a flight and hotel booking API that is simply integrated with your existing platform. A wide variety of alternatives all the travel owners will receive then they don’t have to be stuck in the trouble of forming a booking engine. 

Key features

  • Tracking on a real-time basis
  • AI-Powered pricing algorithms


  • Flexible enough to merge based on company needs
  • Reliable, credible, and secure
  • Seamless user interface and experience
  • Efficient enough to fetch information

7. Travelport

Every travel agent can use this API to integrate the service of flight searching on Travelport’s engine to your existing platform. Consequently, customers become equipped with flight booking through their website or app. Travelport’s API is obtainable in REST, SOAP, or XML formats. Besides this, it is compatible enough to merge with some renowned programming languages like JAVA, Perl, PHP, and Python.

Eminent features

  • Flight booking engine
  • Inventory and revenue management
  • Seat reservations and ticketing


  • Improved revenue
  • Scaling up the business
  • Maintenance assistance every minute

To Conclude!

All travelers need to have every information regarding traveling handy and these flight Booking APIs makes it possible. If you want an API apart from the listed, our flight booking software development service will take care of it. Customize it as per your requirements and choice and have a platform that satisfies all travel needs of the consumer. 

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