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How to Build a Student-Friendly Multi-Service App?

Student-Friendly Multi-Service App

Gojek-like on-demand service apps have made the world a better place for everyone, no questions there! Multi-service apps let users buy or book services whenever they want. regardless of their location or the time.

But have you thought about building and launching your own Gojek-like app? If not, what if you get the chance to create one for students in your region?

Let’s explore how you can build a Gojek-like application for students. But first, let’s critically analyze if this business idea is worth investing your time and money in or not!

Will Multi-service Apps for Students Turn Out to be Successful?

It’s best to study the market, its potential, and its scope before you start developing the application. Besides helping you build a perfect app for your target audience, such a market study will also assist you in constructing a perfect business plan, making projections, and identifying trends.

Well, mentioned here are a few things that’ll confirm that a Gojek Clone multi-service app for students is going to be the next ‘viral’ app in the market!

Growing market: The student population is large and growing every year. As per the National Center for Education Statistics (Fall 2021), 49.4 million students enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools in the United States. Also, around 19.0 million students enrolled in and attended colleges and universities in the country. Well, in 2024, the number would go even higher, considering the convenience of online classes and distance-learning opportunities.

In short, the market is growing! Therefore, developing an on-demand app like Gojek for students in your region is the best business idea you can invest in right now. Moreover, the need for on-demand apps is increasing, and Gojek’s recent static figures are a testament to this growth. Currently, Gojek has over 38 million monthly active users in Southeast Asia and over 2 million drivers.

The niche has untapped potential: Existing student-focused apps often offer only one or a couple of services. There’s hardly any multi-service app dedicated to offering all the essential on-demand services under one roof. Therefore, you can leverage the opportunity to build a profitable and all-comprehensive app for students and fill the gap in the market.

Multiple revenue streams: Launching an on-demand application means you will be able to generate income through several streams, including commissions per service booking, subscription plans, in-app ads, and surge pricing.

It’s scalable: You can easily expand your multi-service operations in multiple locations or even scale up your platform by integrating new on-demand services.

What Services Can You Offer on the Advanced On-demand App for Students?

There are several on-demand services you can integrate into your application and make the lives of students easier!

Here are some of the services you can think of incorporating on the platform.


Through your app, you can provide affordable and safe transportation facilities to students. Other than booking private taxi ride options, you can also offer them moto ride services, taxi rentals, and ride-sharing services!

Since most students would be interested in sharing taxi rides and commuting on a budget, there are higher chances that your ride-sharing services would gain higher acceptance. Apart from that, integrating safety features like the SOS button and blocking fraud drivers can be a great addition to your on-demand app!

Food delivery

Offer seamless food ordering and delivery services on your app. Using this Gojek-like service, students would be able to browse local restaurants and eateries near them and order meals. Integrating food delivery services will help the students save time, as they’ll then get their ordered meals delivered to their doorstep.

Also, to make the service more attractive, you can partner up with popular restaurants and food joints like McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, and other big food eateries. Here, you can also consider offering special discounts to students to make it affordable for them to order food and simultaneously increase traffic on your app!

On-demand tutors

Connect students with qualified tutors from nearby schools or universities. An on-demand service will help them during exams or when they need to submit important assignments. Moreover, having a special tutor will help students get the most from their group study sessions and make collaborative learning more fruitful.

Make sure you design a simple workflow where users can select their current location and choose the subject, and the system displays a list of all the available tutors. Additionally, include features like:

  • Profile comparison
  • Smart filters to find a suitable tutor
  • Viewing the doctor’s location on the map
  • Service scheduling
  • Sorting tutors’ lists based on their service charges

Grocery Delivery

Partner with local grocery stores or supermarkets so that students can conveniently order necessary groceries even at the last minute. Providing quick and timely delivery of groceries and other essential items can help students focus on their studies without having to worry about running to grocery stores now and then.

Make it easy for the students to locate nearby grocery stores, add all the essential items to their cart, and also make online payments with ease. You can also integrate the following advanced features to make your grocery shopping services even more seamless:

  • Rating and review section
  • Live tracking
  • In-app calling with the delivery driver
  • Quick edit option in the cart
  • Multiple online payment options
  • Geolocation

On-demand fitness and wellness coach

You can also incorporate the service of hiring an on-demand fitness and wellness coach into your app. The service will enable users to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep themselves stress-free. In short, with this app, they can communicate with professional and certified wellness coaches on the go!

When designing the app, add features that let students see the coach’s proximity to their current location, compare their ratings, and book/schedule the services with a click. Also, you can incorporate in-app wallet payment options and mark the service provider as a ‘favorite’ option.

You can level up your app by creating a special section where students can locate gyms near them, learn their details, and easily navigate to the gym’s address.

On-demand package delivery

Offer on-demand parcel delivery services to the students. This service will make it easy for them to send and receive couriers within the campus or other locations. Also, they can use the service to book a professional delivery driver who can pick up a few things from their home, school, or university and deliver them to their desired address!

Build an On-demand App for Students in 1-2 Weeks!

The good news is that you no longer have to worry about spending a huge investment or wasting months developing a multi-service app! A white-label application can help you go live with your on-demand business in just 1-2 weeks.

To get your hands on the best white-label app, find and approach a well-established clone app development company. Next, go through their portfolio and video testimonials from previous clients, and test their demo apps on your devices. Once you feel satisfied with their product, proceed with the app development process.

Since white-label apps are pre-built, you only need to tell the firm what branding it needs. The professionals will handle the rest of the technical stuff!

Final Words

The world has finally gone digital. There’s hardly any industry that’s left unturned by technology. Leverage the business opportunity for developing a Gojek-like multi-service app for students and win the market easily and quickly.

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