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How to Get a CISM Certification in Five Simple Steps

Get a CISM Certification



For people who work in the information security and cybersecurity fields, the Certified Information Security Management (CISM) certification is extremely sought-after. CISM certification demonstrates your expertise in managing and overseeing an organization’s information security program. It confirms your capacity to tackle important security concerns and improves your chances of finding work. If you’re looking to obtain your CISM certification, this blog will guide you through the five easy steps to achieving this prestigious credential.


Step 1: Know the CISM Certification

It’s essential to understand what CISM is and why it matters before beginning the certification process. Globally renowned, ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) offers the CISM certification. Those who work in information security management, governance, risk management, and compliance are the target audience. CISM is respected in the industry and is often required or preferred for job roles like information security manager, IT auditor, or risk manager.

Step 2: Meet the Eligibility Requirements

  • You need to fulfill specific qualifying conditions in order to pursue the CISM certification. These requirements ensure applicants possess the training and background required to gain the certification. For you to qualify, you typically need to have worked in at least three of the CISM fields for at least three years. The four domains are as follows:
  • Governance of Information Security
  • Information Risk Management
  • Information Security Program Development and Management
  • Information Security Incident Management

Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of the prerequisites; you are still eligible to take the exam. However, after passing the exam, you must earn the experience you need within a set due date.

Step 3: Study for the CISM Exam

Practicing for the CISM exam is a crucial phase toward certification. ISACA provides a wide range of resources to help you prepare, including official study materials, review courses, and mock examinations. Here are some key tips for effective exam preparation:

Invest in Study Materials: Begin by obtaining the official CISM review manual and other recommended study materials. These resources provide in-depth treatment of the test’s domains and support students in developing a strong foundation of understanding.

Enroll in a Review Course: Thinking about enrolling in a CISM review course? These courses, which are frequently provided by ISACA chapters and authorized training providers, can provide structured support as well as interaction with instructors and fellow students.

Create a Study Plan: Create a study program that fits your lifestyle and responsibilities. Take enough time to cover all domains and complete practice examinations on a regular basis to track your progress.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Study practice examinations and questions to become acquainted with the exam format and style. This can help you discover areas for improvement.

Join Study Groups: Joining study groups or online forums can be beneficial since they allow for the discussion of complex topics, the sharing of insights, and a better understanding of doubts.

Step 4: Register for and Pass the CISM Exam

Once you’ve prepared adequately, it’s time to register for the CISM exam. The CISM exam is a four-hour, 150-question multiple-choice examination that covers the previously listed four categories. It’s essential to read and understand the questions carefully, as some may involve scenarios and require you to apply your knowledge to real-world situations.

Choose an Exam Date: Select a date and location for your CISM exam. You can register for the exam on the ISACA website and select a testing location that is convenient for you.

Take the Exam: On the exam day, arrive early and bring the necessary identification and exam confirmation. You have a restricted period of time to answer all of the questions, so utilize it wisely

Review Your Results: After taking the exam, you’ll receive your results on the spot. A passing score is typically around 450 out of 800.

If You Don’t Pass: If you don’t pass on your first try, don’t give up. You can retake the examination, but there may be costs and a waiting period. Use your initial experience to identify areas for improvement.

Step 5: Complete the Application Process

Once you’ve successfully passed the CISM exam, you’re almost there! The final step is to complete the application process and apply for CISM certification. Follow these steps to finalize your journey:

Work Verification: You’ll need to submit evidence of your work experience in three of the CISM domains. Ensure your application is complete and accurate.

Adherence to the Code of Ethics: Agree to abide by the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics and the CISM continuing education policy.

Pay the Certification Fee: Pay the required CISM certification fee. ISACA members receive a discount, so consider joining ISACA if you haven’t already.

Maintain Your Certification: You must follow the code of conduct and obtain CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits each year in order to keep your CISM certification current.


In the field of cybersecurity and information security, the CISM certification is highly advantageous. You may get this coveted degree and advance your career by simply following these five simple steps. Comprehend the certification, fulfill the prerequisites, study well, ace the test, and finish the application procedure. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a certified manager of information security with commitment and diligence.

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