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How To Make Money From Instagram In India | 2023 Guide!

Curious about making money from Instagram? It’s a question that resonates with countless individuals daily. Today, we’re delving into the New Year Plan for Generating Income from Instagram in India.

Whether you’re keen on boosting your Instagram follower count or exploring Instagram’s payment options, if you’re in search of answers, you’ve landed at the right destination.

With a staggering 180 million users, Instagram stands as India’s third most popular social media platform (surprisingly exceeding the combined population of four U.S. states).

Given this vast user base, it’s no surprise that a substantial number of content creators also reside here. You might be amazed to learn that the country is home to hundreds of thousands of content creators. But what exactly entices these creators to share their content on Instagram?

Is it the allure of fame, the prospect of monetary gain, the power of influence, or a blend of all these elements? The answer is rather apparent! Content creators on Instagram find themselves rewarded with a fusion of recognition, authority, and financial gains through formats like Reels, Stories, IGTV, and more.

While authority and recognition correspond with growing follower counts, Instagram also rewards creators financially for their contributions to the platform.

In a recent development, Instagram revealed plans to invest a staggering $1 billion by the close of 2023, pioneering a fresh approach for content creators to monetize their output on Facebook or Instagram.

Did this revelation catch you off guard?

It certainly caught everyone’s attention! Interested in discovering how to capitalize on Instagram for income? Your comprehensive guide lies ahead!

Harnessing Earnings from Instagram A Deep Dive

Harnessing Earnings from Instagram: A Deep Dive

Is it possible to generate income from Instagram? If so, to what extent?

Earning Income from Instagram When it comes to monetizing Instagram, your follower count is pivotal!

The greater your follower base, the more substantial your earnings for each Instagram post. If you’re curious about the potential income, let’s delve into the specifics:

  1. Less Than 10K Followers on Instagram For those with under 10K followers, anticipate earnings of around $88 per post. Yet, alternative avenues exist, such as partnering with brands, sponsored content, IGTV advertisements, and more, offering additional earning opportunities.
  2. Less Than 100K Followers on Instagram As you tread the path of Instagram earnings, reaching 100K followers sparks interest from brands. This paves the way for indirect income through brand connections, coupled with direct earnings of about $200 per post.
  3. Less Than 1000K Followers on Instagram Achieving such a substantial follower count might seem like a dream materialized. However, the coveted Instagram Blue Checkmark might be a prerequisite. Expect potential earnings of approximately $670 per post with this significant follower base.

Crafting an Income from Instagram in India

Crafting an Income from Instagram in India

Image of a Woman Creating Video Content on Instagram Sharing content on Instagram can be incredibly lucrative.

Wondering how?

On one hand, there’s a direct route where Instagram rewards creators for their content. On the other hand, various indirect avenues exist for generating income on Instagram. Let’s explore these avenues in-depth:

Diverse Paths to Earning on Instagram in India

Diverse Paths to Earning on Instagram in India

  1. Collaborate With Brands As a content creator, partnering with brands to endorse their products and services is a lucrative option. Craft sponsored content to introduce your audience to these offerings, capitalizing on your expansive follower base. Keep in mind, sponsored content entails certain guidelines to adhere to before posting.
  2. Promote Affiliate Links Another avenue to earn from Instagram is promoting affiliate links. By showcasing others’ products and services, you can earn a commission with every successful sale, typically ranging from 5-10%. In India, numerous content creators excel in affiliate marketing on Instagram.
  3. Product Sales Over 300 million users visit Instagram Business Pages following feed posts. This presents a golden opportunity to boost sales and profits through an Instagram store, offering innovative avenues for showcasing your products. Whether you deal in clothing, furniture, accessories, or more, an Instagram Business Account and Online Store setup can open doors to earnings from your follower base.
  4. Fan Memberships & Exclusive Content Numerous platforms allow creators to monetize their subscriber base. You can share platform links in your Instagram bio or video content. Furthermore, consider hosting giveaway contests with membership criteria linked to these platforms.
  5. Consulting Services A substantial follower count naturally transforms you into an influencer. Leverage your expertise and status to aid others in augmenting their follower base, optimizing profiles, or monetizing their Instagram presence. Offer one-on-one consultations to aspiring influencers, establishing a consultation fee.
  6. IGTV Ads IGTV Ads have surged in popularity within a brief span. These 15-second video ads are showcased to viewers while opening IGTV videos. You can monetize your content production by creating content for brands’ products and services, the earnings tied to the views your videos garner, known as Monetizable Plays.
  7. Badges Badges allow supporters to financially back content creators. During an Instagram Live, supporters can purchase badges, each purchase notifying you with a distinctive badge icon. You can keep track of badge purchases and revenue during or post the Live session.
  8. Licensed Videos and Photos As an established Instagram influencer, brands might approach you for videos and photos. Utilize your licensing rights to demand fees from these brands. While certain limitations exist, Instagram’s terms provide brands with a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for user content.
Influencers Thriving on Instagram

Image of an Influencer Instagram hosts a myriad of content creators worldwide.

While some achieve swift success, others gradually unlock Instagram payments. Nonetheless, a select few stand as titans, shattering earnings records on Instagram.

These individuals don’t merely gain from Instagram posts but also reap rewards from their substantial follower counts. Notable names achieving tremendous feats on Instagram encompass:

Top Earning Influencers Globally for Instagram Posts

Top Earning Influencers Globally for Instagram Posts
  • Christiano Ronaldo: $619,497 – $1M
  • Dwayne Johnson: $504,790 – $841,317
  • Kylie Jenner: $491,789 – $819,648
  • Ariana Grande: $500,077 – $833,461
  • Selena Gomez: $483,972 – $806,620

Exploring Highest Earning Indian Influencers

Exploring Highest Earning Indian Influencers for Instagram Posts

  • Priyanka Chopra: $2,99,09,451
  • Virat Kohli: $5,04,67,560
  • Shraddha Kapoor: $1,18,91,493
  • Alia Bhatt: $1,22,68,886
  • Deepika Padukone: $1,24,47,675

Instagram’s Profitable Potential

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