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Investing in industrial eyes safety eyewear program: A Smart Move for Your Company


If your organization employs people who handle products that could lead to eye injuries, you may need to think about setting up a program for your staff to wear protective eyewear. This might apply to manufacturing, healthcare, construction, lawn care, and a lot more. You can maintain a productive and injury-free work environment, which will raise morale and productivity by ensuring you and your staff are safe. Here are some advantages for your firm if you’re still unsure about setting up an industrial eyes safety eyewear program.

Personalized options for safety eyewear

There are variations in the safety eyewear regulations among industries. The needs of construction workers will differ from those of medical professionals, who will need different supplies than manufacturers. You are aware of the things that you and your staff require to keep their eyes healthy, and by investing in safety glasses for your business, you can personalize this protection to include only the features that you need. A packaged program that may be customized to fit the needs of your workplace is provided by Eyewebsafety—for instance, sealed-only alternatives, non-conductive-only frames, and permanent versus detachable side shields.

Following work quality 

If you once performed a job where wearing eye protection was required but you chose not to, you are aware that taking precautions to protect your eyes can take time away from your primary duties. Wearing inexpensive safety glasses that fit over ordinary prescription glasses can be bothersome and distracting. Your workers might find them so difficult to wear that they choose not to, endangering their health and even facing costly OSHA infractions. This worry is allayed and your team can work together more efficiently when everyone on the team has prescription safety glasses.

Affordable prices

Purchasing safety glasses on prescription for several workers may seem like a big financial commitment. Because of this, Eyewebsafety provides affordable bundled pricing that includes prescription lenses, ANSI Z87.1-approved frames, anti-fog or anti-scratch coatings, and photochromic or polarized UV protection solutions. Budgeting is simple thanks to our programs, which guarantee a competitive price that is constant for all employees.

Compliance with OSHA

Establishing prescription safety eyewear programs for your business helps keep your workers safe, complies with this requirement, and gives you peace of mind that they will wear their protective eyewear. Every year, almost 2,000 Americans sustain eye injuries while working, based on the Vision Council! Fortunately, with the right eye protection, these injuries are largely preventable. Make sure that neither you nor your staff end up in this statistic.

Seven motives for enrolling in the prescription eyeglasses program

The following are the key advantages of setting up a program for safety eyewear in your company.

  • Observance of standards

By enrolling in a corporate safety eyewear program, you may guarantee that your staff will be given safety eyewear that meets the most recent safety standards. The CSA Z94.3 standard guarantees that workers have superior eye protection that provides optimal protection against industrial risks. This standard is necessary for eye protection equipment.

  • Tailored defense

Each employee who participates in this program gets safety glasses with corrective lenses fitted to address their visual issues. They can now see clearly and sharply and have excellent safety glasses against occupational hazards. 

  • Professional guidance on eye safety

Our eye protection specialists examine the workstations of your staff members and recommend a range of glasses and styles that complement their workspace.

  • A large assortment of protective eyewear for staff members

Eyewebsafety provides a large selection of safety glasses. To accommodate different ocular needs, work situations, and tastes, a variety of materials, colors, sizes, fits, and styles are available.

  • Quick and easy prescription ordering for safety glasses

Prescription safety eyewear purchases at Eyewebsafety are handled through a user-friendly online platform. This platform minimizes administrative work, gives an instant approach to program details, and allows tracking of employee usage. You gain from this by having a fully digitized, streamlined purchasing process that facilitates easy control of eye protection inside your business.

  • Streamline prices 

The digital platform from LookSecure provides employers with total control over all employee invoicing. Account summaries and invoice information are sent to the program manager via email as well. Everything is automated to make administrative procedures simpler and the administration of key papers easier.

  1. Training for staff on choosing, adjusting, maintaining, and testing equipment

The program manager is also trained in frame choice, eye protection maintenance, and safety gear inspection as part of the Eyewebsafety program.

How can you pick the best safety eyewear policy for your business?

It’s critical to select an industrial eyes safety eyewear program that satisfies both the needs of your staff and the safety requirements of your company. Here are a few suggestions to help you select the best program for your business.

The standard of safety glasses that are prescribed

Prescription safety glasses have to be constructed using materials that are comfortable, long-lasting, and ANSI Z87 safety standards.

Excellence in your field

Get the guidance you require to make a safe selection of frames for your employees’ needs and circumstances. Certain needs in your sector call for particular kinds of eye protection. Industrial eyes safety eyewear programs of Eyewebsafety. 

We know the unique dangers and hazards associated with each work environment. We provide customizable prescription safety eyewear programs to satisfy your sector’s demands because they are simple and convenient for businesses to utilize.

Eyewebsafety can assist you when the time comes for your business to invest in safety glasses. Our corporate safety glasses programs are tailored to your company’s needs and come with easy-to-use package pricing, efficient billing, access to hundreds of nearby eye care providers, and customer support for program setup and administration.

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