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Phrases for IELTS Speaking: Ultimate Guide to Essential Phrases

IELTS Phrases
Struggling with phrases for IELTS? You are not alone! The IELTS speaking test is a very important exam for those students who want to pursue their studies overseas. So, to obtain a high score in the IELTS speaking test, fluency in English is crucial. Moreover, using this language adequately is also necessary. Thus, this article looks at essential IELTS phrases for speaking that play a crucial part in improving your spoken English skills,. So, these include fluency in speaking, verbal or grammar expertise, and accuracy. Moreover, from enchanting introductions to consistent conversations, mastering these phrases enables you to express your thoughts more clearly. Thus, if you want to score high and improve your chances of acceptance, learn these well. So now, let’s see some common phrases for IELTS that are essential for the IELTS Speaking Test.

Top 20 Phrases for IELTS

This section includes all the essential phrases for speaking test that are helpful for you to achieve a high score in the test. Thus, if you are planning to appear for this exam, referring to this list of phrases for IELTS can help you implement them well.

1.) I’m convinced that

MeaningGenerally, this phrase used to express a strong belief about something.  Example: I’m convinced that regular exercise is necessary for sustaining good health.

 2.) I usually find myself

Meaning: Generally, used to describe a situation with you often encounters. Example: On weekends, I usually find myself waking up early in the morning rather than sleeping.

3.) Rarely do I

Meaning: It is a way of expressing something that happens rarely.  Example: Rarely do I eat fast food, but today I’ll make an exception.

4.) Let me tell you about

Meaning: It is used to invite the listener’s attention before giving some information. Example: Let me tell you about my favorite childhood memory.

5.) This reminds me of

Meaning: This phrase draws a connection between the present topic of conversation and a related memory that you remember. ExampleSeeing the sunset over the ocean today reminds me of the beautiful sunset that I saw during my childhood.

6.) To wrap up my story

Meaning: It means summarizing all the main points and wrapping up the story.  Example: To wrap up my story, I finally realized my aspiration of launching my own business.

7.) Perhaps one reason is

Meaning: It is used to explain a potential reason for a particular situation.  Example: Moreover, perhaps one reason for the decline in sales is the company’s failure to adapt to changing consumer preferences. 

8.) In Contrast to

Meaning: It is used to show difference between two or more things.  Example: She enjoys reading mystery novels, in contrast to, her brother who enjoys socializing.

9.) I’m particularly fond of

MeaningYou are very fond of something or someone. ExampleI’m particularly fond of hiking in the mountains.

10.) What I’m trying to say is

Meaning: It clarifies previous statements, moreover, ensures that listeners understand the message more clearly. Example: I appreciate your creativity, but what I’m trying to say is that we need to approach this project with caution.

11.) Hit the books

Meaning: It shows some serious academic work or making efforts for preparing exams, particularly.   Example: I need to hit the books tonight if I want to perform well in tomorrow’s exam.

12.) I am scared of

MeaningThis phrase serves to convey fear towards a particular thing or situation. ExampleI am scared of public speaking, but I’m trying to overcome it.

13.) In my opinion

Meaning: It represents your personal view on some specific matter. Example: I believe the best way to relax after a long day is to read a good book.

14.) A Hot Potato

Meaning: This phrase describes a controversial topic.   Example: The issue of Global Warming is a hot potato in political debates.

15.) Over the moon

Meaning: It is used to express the excitement of something.   Example: After getting the job offer, Ketan was over the moon with joy.

16.) Chill Out

Meaning: Generally, when someone feeling stressed this phrase urge someone to relax. Example: Hey, you seem stressed about the upcoming exam. However, instead of worrying too much, why don’t you take a break and chill out for a bit?

17.) Once in a blue moon

Meaning: It is used to express something that happens rarely.   Example: Since we all study in different colleges now, I rarely see my school friends, meeting them once in a blue moon.

18.) Afraid of your own shadow

Meaning: It expresses someone who is extremely fearful, even in situations when risk is low or no risk.  Example: She constantly worries about what others might think of her actions, because of which she is afraid of her own shadow.

19.) Looking Back

Meaning: Generally, this phrase is used to show some past events or experiences.   Example: Looking back on my childhood days, I realized how much we enjoy the moments when we play outside with our friends.

20.) It is fairly like that

Meaning: It expresses something that has a persuasive chance of occurring.  Example: It is fairly likely that you will win the competition, especially considering your talent and dedication. In this article, you have looked into some top IELTS phrases that can be used in the speaking test. Moreover, using these can help you prepare with confidence for the test and also reflect improvement in your scores.


In conclusion, mastering the phrases for IELTS is crucial to attaining a high score in the (International English Language Testing System) IELTS Speaking Test.Thus, by focusing on authentic communication, you’ll also enhance your overall English-speaking proficiency. Moreover, in today’s digital era, where IELTS classes online are available, it is easy for you to practice these phrases and attain your aim. So, let’s grab the opportunity of comfortable and flexible online IELTS classes with gradding.com. With this, you can master these phrases and achieve success in the IELTS speaking test. So, wait no more time and get started right away!

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