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Reasons Why Drupal Remains a Top Choice as a CMS

Reasons why Drupal remains a top choice as a CMS

Content development has emerged as a sensational means of sharing information over the internet. Efficiently handling and updating content, particularly for dynamic websites, can many times become a burdensome task. To overcome content-related issues and keep content organized and accessible, businesses employ various kinds of Content Management Systems (CMS). However, when it comes to selecting a CMS for a website, one CMS that truly stands out as a powerful choice and delivers results is DRUPAL CMS 

Decoding Drupal CMS 

Drupal is a free, open-source web content management system (CMS) written in PHP language and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Drupal can serve both as a web development tool and a full-fledged CMS. 

These days, corporations frequently employ Drupal development services to create feature-rich websites.  According to market research, 9.4% of the top 10k sites on the internet are built using Drupal CMS. In fact, in 2022, Drupal ranks as one of the most popular CMS in the world. 

What is Drupal best used for?

  • Personal or Corporate Websites 
  • High Traffic Websites 
  • Community Portal Sites 
  • International Websites (Websites with Multiple Languages) 
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Social Networking Sites 

Reasons to Choose Drupal as Your CMS

  • Open-Source: Drupal is an open-source content management framework, which is available free of cost and is equipped with tons of advanced functionalities and features. Any development firm can download it for free and start developing full-fledged web solutions. This open-source feature allows developers to update the source code without any limitations, aiding in more flexible software development.
  • Flexibility- Drupal is considered the most flexible CMS because of its ability to manage and create a wide range of content types including blogs, polls, blogs, videos, podcasts, and statistics. Furthermore, this flexibility of Drupal makes it an ideal choice when it comes to creating a flexible design platform for content-rich websites.
  • User-friendly: Drupal’s user-friendly interface enables even non-technical users to navigate the CMS effortlessly, allowing them to create, edit, and publish content seamlessly. Overall, its UX is highly presentable, efficient, and inviting.
  • Scalable: Drupal is a wonderful option for enterprise-level websites because it easily handles high-traffic websites. With Drupal, business owners will get a flexible content structure as well as a variety of modules and plugins that enhance the functionality and performance of the website. Drupal can easily adapt to the needs of enterprises as they grow and expand.
  • Multilingual Support: Using Drupal’s multilingual capabilities, businesses can ensure that their websites speak the language of all their users. Its automated language translation allows you to reach different audiences with localized content. Drupal offers you more than 100 languages to choose from and provides 04 core modules specially for language and translation support.
  • Mobile-First Feature: Drupal is built keeping mobile users in mind. It includes effective theming engines that let developers create responsive websites that function on mobile devices. Drupal encompasses highly responsive themes that help elements resize and accommodate all devices and screen sizes.
  • Regular Updates: The dedicated community that supports Drupal works round-the-clock to improve the CMS. Security patches, bug fixes, vulnerability fixes, and performance enhancements are all included in routine updates. All these updates help increase the stability and reliability of Drupal-powered websites. The community’s commitment to keeping the platform up to date ensures that users can benefit from the latest features and functionality.
  • Community Support: Drupal offers your company a flexible, adaptable framework that is highly helpful to the community members. It promotes the free exchange of ideas and innovation, both of which are essential to content management. The open-source culture that Drupal promotes has a number of advantages, including robust discussion boards and an approachable online culture. Furthermore, companies can use this network to hire Drupal developers for their projects. 

Looking for Drupal Development Companies in India? Look no further!  

It’s well known that Indian businesses offer top-notch Drupal site development services. They have the necessary expertise and in-depth understanding of current trends and cutting-edge technologies to assist businesses in creating websites that stand out in the online space. Among these businesses, Drupal India stands out for offering excellent Drupal web development services within the country.  

Drupal India: Your Trusted Partner for Drupal Web Development Services.   

Drupal India is a top-notch Drupal 10 development company in India  that helps clients develop customized web solutions. Their team of skilled developers has extensive expertise and understanding in creating secure, scalable, quick-loading and flexible websites, ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites. 

Why Choose Drupal India?     

  • Full-stack development   
  • Rich Domain Experience   
  • Client-Centric Approach   
  • Proven Methodology   
  • Reliable Support  

Don’t worry! From Drupal E-commerce development to Website Maintenance and Support, and Drupal theme customization to custom Drupal 10 website development, our expert developers have got you covered.   

Drupal India is known for offering cost-effective CMS for Drupal, without compromising on quality. You can hire web developers from Drupal India at reasonable rates. However, the cost of website development can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the project, the features required and the level of customization.   

Wrapping Things Up…….   

The digital landscape is changing with each passing day at an unprecedented pace. Not all business websites have the same goals. Drupal with its innovative capabilities and regular updates helps create advanced, feature-rich websites that fit businesses’ unique requirements.   However, a website is a double-edged sword; if poorly built, then it will not yield any results.  

Building a top-notch Drupal website requires a top-notch partner, and Drupal India could be that partner for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions   
  • How do I know if Drupal is right for my business digital needs? 

If you want to give users the best possible digital user experience, Drupal is the best choice because of its features like reusable content, multi-channel publication, and personalization. 

  • Is Drupal 10 hard to use? 

Drupal has advanced significantly since its start, and Drupal 10 is no exception. Drupal is getting easier to use and more advanced with each version. Drupal 10 leverages the tremendous technical strength of Drupal and makes it even more accessible to regular users through improved ease of use. 

  • How do I get started with Drupal India’s web development services?    

To learn more about the opportunities that feature-rich Drupal websites offer, contact us today. Let us assist you in embracing next-generation Drupal websites and opening growth prospects for your company. Our team consists of highly educated engineers and designers with years of expertise in their fields. 

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