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Reforms in education: Industrial Orientation and Quality

Technology has been evolving since after scientific education of the 13th century. Educational provides new methodological approaches that have through their research discourse. Through the years of technological advances that we have seen in the century of inventions mainly the 14th and 15th. When there is a wave in society the person, who will invent, will have money in their pockets. These are old sayings in the European society. There have been regular reforms in European education.

The methodology(in the analysis of sciences and filtering experimental outcomes) evolved through a culture of inventions and it has built up knowledge of which 16th-century industries were running. The Inventions that took place in educational fraternities resulted in better productivity. The ontological and etymological that we adopt to get to our evidential findings in subject matter as we have is from the West. We  don’t have a robust educational research system apart from a few IITs. This was an analysis from a historical point of view.

The World Intellectual Property Organization’s patent filings are far less than developed countries.Next decade will be of more technologically driven education. Chemicals, biotechnology, food processing, drugs and pharmaceuticals have the most patents even in the software industry we have software patents in the development sector where we are big exporters. Apart from this technical prospect of education.

Education has also psychological prospects that will make you independent. Empowerment means to a person having power and control over their own lives. Empowerment will make them respected and confident in their communities. Real powerlessness is because of economic inequities and oppressive control exercised by systems. Education will help them control innumerable facets of their lives and make them partake in the community with dignity. It will build a psychological sense of personal control or influence. Education Opportunities increase to a great extent along with the higher income prospects. Education is social action process for empowerment and participation of people, organizations, and communities towards common goals of taking nation ahead in all the sectors and make their lives far better.

Industries technological Systems are not linked to Education

Our market technological systems were not linked with industries. For example, in textile and metalwork, IT technologies are not used in production work. There have been innumerable sectors where the interference of technology is very low. Technology has made disruptions in markets.13 trillion economy will require more state-of-the-art technology to be used in industry. We don’t have state-level programs where young entrepreneurs will get a platform for technological induction.

Knowledge in Todays times

Knowledge is intelligence and skills. It brings positive changes to our lives. If we want to be in the league of developed nations then we must have a robust education system. It plays an important role in technological development and imparts various skills and awareness. You will have better salary prospects if you have knowledge that can benefit society. The critical understanding that you have develop must be looked upon well. Employers higher people with higher qualifications so to command higher salaries you must have qualifications. Swaminarayan University is a Private University for  providing higher education to build a career in the fields of Engineering, Management and Humanities. Students of Swaminarayan University, Kalol got direct campus placements in top companies like Hero Motocorp, Fortis Healthcare, Hero Honda Motors, Medanta, Mahindra Rise and more.Industrial Corporate and Government Non-interference in Education

Education has been commercialised since 1991. Even in the private sector, we don’t have at-par education. The government must increase its interference up to a level where it will improve Educational quality. Implementing technologically driven curriculum and skilful pedagogy. There is overcrowding in schools this system compromises quality.

Entrepreneurship courses at the School Level

Internship opportunities for school-level students will make him aquaint about how the industry works. Vocational courses from 7th to 10th standard. So that they will see where they will be if they don’t study There must be a fluid phase in the life of most students. Because we are not able to make 20-30 per cent of students successful.

Increased civic engagement

The civic engagement of the individual will increase his sharpness to be a rational being that will be good for democratic process. This will bring a positive change in the community and promote stability.

Strengthened social and cultural norms

It promotes social and cultural norms that are beneficial for communities at large. It promotes a strong cultural identity. Social fabric can remain intact only if we have quality education.

Government must have a Economic Agenda

Education is everchanging in nature it drives individuals, society, and the economy. So it must be our priority to revamp it on a regular basis so that it will bring about leadership for the 5th Industrial Revolution(age of advanced human-machine collaboration) and shape them ethically and morally.

Government must consult all the stakeholders before making educational policy so that each aspect will get covered in the policy framework.

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