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Things You Should Know About Buying Second-Hand Bike

Things You Should Know About Buying Second-Hand Bike

Several young lads, who have a real-time fascination for two-wheelers, prefer to buy a used bike instead of a new one. This is because of the affordable price factor in terms of buying the ride in a hassle-free manner. Also, due to the flexibility to easily modify used motorcycles within the minimal budget.

So, if you are looking to buy the second-hand bike of your choice, you should do some important things,  before hitting the marketplace. Here, in this blog, we will be sharing some relevant details regarding the used bike buying process and keep things to consider.

Follow key tips to buy the best choice of used bike

Several individuals who are new to the two-wheeler riding experience want to buy a brand-new ride. However, a limited budget juncture allows one to buy a second-hand motorcycle. There is no doubt that the marketplace for used bike is expanding at an exponential extent. Several reliable vendors and authorized dealers offer completely revamped used bikes belonging to different brands at affordable prices.

Therefore, if you have made the decision to buy a second-hand bike in the fastest possible manner, then the following tips will help you.

1. The bike must have valid & complete documents

One of the crucial things to look into using a motorcycle is the complete set of paperwork and that too in the complete set of state. Documents play an integral role in buying a motorcycle from a legal standpoint and in preventing any such trouble ahead. For instance, you must ask for the original Registration Certificate with the name of the owner, engine number, serial number, chassis number, and other relevant details mentioned. Similarly, other valid documents are required like a PUC certificate, service history record, insurance papers, and the list goes on.

Another paperwork-related thing to take into consideration is the originality and completeness of papers. You must ask the authorized dealer or an owner (if buying from an individual person) to provide you with the complete set of documents along with the NOC (no objection certificate). Only then you can proceed to buy the bike with ease.

2. Inspect the inside instead of just looks

The looks of the used motorcycle can be deceiving at times. A shiny-looking second-hand motorcycle with new paintwork does not always have been in the best condition. It is essential on your part to look into the engine-specific details based on the following points.

  • Check the level of engine oil in the bike with the help of a mechanic.
  • Do ask for the mileage of the motorcycle before finalizing the same.
  • Check the bike parts that must be in the right proportion and complete.
  • Do inspect the suspension details of the used bike that must be in equal proportion and make sure there is no such leakage.

3. Do check the motorcycle engine

Checking the engine of a used motorcycle is an imperative task to do. You need to make sure whether the engine of the used two-wheeler is working as per the expectation or not. Because, in case, it’s not working as per the expectation, then it will be problematic for you later.

From the bike’s engine point of view, you need to check the following set of things.

  • Check for spare parts and make sure there are no missing components.
  • Inspect for the cracks, leakage, or dents.
  • Observe the sound of a motorcycle that must not be unusual to your ears.
  • Also, check the smoke coming out of the exhaust.

4. Wiring should be in appropriate condition

With the help of an automotive expert, inspect the electrical wiring of a used motorcycle. Make sure all the wires are at their respective place with no such cuts or bruises. With the help of wiring, headlight, taillight, indicators, and self-start functionality must be working fine.

5. Test drive to evaluate running performance

Another important evaluating factor before buying a used motorcycle is taking a test ride. It’s an integral way to know the actual running performance of the selected used bike. Try taking the test ride for a few minutes to check the following few things.

  • Take it to the speed of 90-100 km to know the performance and see, if there is any vibration.
  • Observer, whether the handlebar is in proper condition and not going too much left or right.
  • Notice, if the motorcycle is taking too much time to adopt the necessary pick-up.
  • Try riding a used motorcycle on uneven pathways and bumpy roads.

6. Check the motorcycle warranty factor

Undoubtedly, second-hand motorcycles do not have a warranty due to their old condition. It happens when you think of buying a used bike from an individual seller. In case, you have connected with an authorized second-hand bike dealer, then you should know the warranty. Usually, second-hand bike dealers renew the warranty of bikes month-wise. Thus, it allows you to decide, whether to buy the same or not.

Concluding Thoughts

Buying a used bike is a matter of convenience to spend less money and experience seamless riding pleasure ahead. Take into consideration several factors before finalizing a particular choice of bike. Followed by the same, perform bike valuation online at a reliable platform called Wheels of Trust (WOT). It’s a website that allows existing motorcycle owners to do real-time value of their bikes and get to know the current price. Also, the platform helps sell or exchange the used bike with ease and comfort.

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