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Vastu Tips for Black Magic and black magic removal

black magic removal

According to Removing black magic, you must have seen many times that the work of some people often remains incomplete. Many times family members start falling ill. Besides, the financial condition of the person is also not good. A person has to face financial problems one after the other. According to Vastu Shastra, if such symptoms are seen then there may be negative energy in your house, in common language it is black magic. To avoid this, some easy tips have been mentioned in Vastu.

Many times a person has to face mental stress without any reason. Also, if the financial condition is not improving even after working hard and is facing continuous illness and financial loss, then the person may be affected by black magic. Many remedies have been suggested in Vastu Shastra to remove the effects of black magic. Let us know Vastu’s tips to remove black magic.

Effect of Removing black magic

First of all, know that if a person is under black magic then he remains mentally disturbed. Heartbeat increases suddenly without any reason. If black magic has happened to you then you start feeling weakness in your mind and brain. Terrible dreams occur while sleeping at night. There is no hunger and thirst, most may remain ill. Besides, the basil present in the house also starts drying up.

Vastu Tips for Black Magic

According to Vastu Tips for Black Magic, take a coin of 1 rupee to any temple. 1 While stating your problem, put a handful of rice in a bowl and keep it quietly in a corner of the temple. By doing this black magic will soon end.

Worship like this on Friday

According to Vaastu Shastra, on Friday, make a platform in front of God in your home temple and place an urn filled with water on it and make a Swastika on that urn with saffron and keep a coin of 1 rupee on it.

Light a lamp at the door of the house

Every evening after puja, light a four-sided lamp of ghee at the corner of the main door of the house and put a coin of 1 rupee in this lamp.

Keep peacock feathers in your pocket

Always keep a peacock feather and a one rupee coin in your pocket. By doing this your luck will be strengthened. There will be new opportunities in life and negative energy will also end.

Some Easy Ways and Vastu Tips for Black Magic

Do not eat outside or party with others on Amavasya or Purnima days, especially do not consume meat or alcohol.

Sprinkle holy water at home and business place on Amavasya day.

A powerful armor should be made and worn.

Siddha Yantras should be installed at home, shop, or other important places so that evil forces cannot enter. Read more about ancient methods to eliminate black magic

If you doubt a person, do not take anything from him under any circumstances.

If you find any wrong thing in your house or any place then immediately set it on fire and sprinkle holy water there.

Black magic in itself is a dangerous science that harms everyone who does it, the one who gets it done, and the person on whom it is being done. This is the reason why one feels scared by this name. Therefore, it is important to avoid it as much as possible and take as many safety measures as possible.

We will give you more information about how we can detect black magic and how it can be avoided.

Competition is good but when it becomes an obsession then a person does not hesitate to take the wrong steps to win. In today’s competitive era, people just want to win and for this, they do not hesitate to go to any extent and this is where they try to use black magic.

After all, what is black magic?

Everything has two sides, one good and one bad. Black magic is the wrong use of Tantra and Mantra Yantra, under which one’s selfishness is achieved by worshiping some powers.

The person doing this does not know that Removing black magic cannot do any good to anyone. Because you cannot expect coolness from fire. But due to a lack of information and passion, a person uses those powers which seem good in the beginning but in the long run, the user has to suffer very fatal losses.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that one should not do any wrong sadhana or worship any wrong power under someone’s influence.

After meeting many such people it becomes clear that people who use dark powers are never able to live a happy life for long. Therefore one should be careful.


If any solution is not working then you should consult a good astrologer or any knowledgeable person and take the right solution. Those who live a consistent and truthful life easily escape from all this. If you want to know more about  Removing Black magic then you can online astrology consultation.

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