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What Are The Methods of Cross Country Car Shipping?

Cross Country Car Shipping

Cross Country Car Shipping may appear challenging, but it is usually performed simply with the proper knowledge and methods. When it includes relocating, selling a vehicle, or shipping a classic car, several reputable choices are accessible to ensure the secure shipping of your vehicle to its new destination.

This guide thoroughly reviews the different ways of transporting cars across the country, considering cost, straightforward use, and safety.

Primary Methods for Cross Country Car Shipping

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed transport is an excellent choice for vehicles that demand the most significant level of care and safety during transportation. This choice is perfect for high-value, luxury, classic, and exotic cars. While it comes at a higher cost than open-air transport, a greater sense of security and protection may cover multiple car owners’ expenses.


Superior protection: Enclosed trailers provide the greatest safeguard against external factors, ensuring your vehicle arrives in excellent condition.

Perfect for luxury vehicles: Enclosed auto transport guarantees the safety and safeguarding of classic cars, luxury vehicles, and antiques during transport.

Peace of mind: With excellent safety features and complete insurance coverage, you can be confident that your car will be cared for throughout the journey.


More expensive: Enclosed auto transport is usually more costly than open transport because it requires special machinery and provides more excellent safety.

Limited availability: Enclosed trailers may not be as easily accessible as open carriers, so arranging can involve more complicated preparation.

Open Auto Transport

For cross country car shipping, open car transport is a popular and reasonably priced option. Although open auto shipping is typically thought to be a dependable and secure option for most cars, it can expose your vehicle to weather and potential road debris. For people who are conscious of their financial constraints, it is typically the least priced option.


Affordable: Open auto transport is becoming a preferred option for those mindful of their budgetary constraints, as it is cheaper than enclosed transport.

Easily accessible: An extensive choice of open carriers throughout the country allows greater versatility when arranging and choosing pickup/delivery places.

Efficient for standard vehicles: Open transport provides a safe and efficient solution if your car is utilized regularly or doesn’t need different safeguarding.


Exposure to elements: Cars shipped on open trailers can be subjected to weather conditions, road debris, and other environmental variables.

Potential for damage: While uncommon, there is an elevated risk of cosmetic damage, such as scratches or dings, arising during transportation due to exposure to environmental factors.

Rail Transport

Rail transport is an excellent option for shipping a car across the country, especially for those starting on long-distance trips. This technique includes loading your vehicle onto a train for shipping between designated terminals. Rail transport is significantly chosen for its dependable and streamlined nature, particularly for individuals requiring several vehicles or oversized items.


Efficient for long distances: Rail transport earns renown for its effectiveness in cross-country journeys, providing faster delivery times than conventional trucking methods.

Environmentally friendly: Trains provide an improved fuel efficiency level compared to trucks, making rail transport a safer option for the environment when shipping vehicles over greater distances.

Reduced wear and tear: Considering the necessity of shipping your vehicle on a train car, there is considerably less wear and tear than long-distance driving or conventional truck transport.

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Limited accessibility: Rail terminals can be situated in less convenient areas, requiring extra organizing and arranging for drop-off and pickup.

Additional handling: Your car may have to be loaded or unloaded at different terminals along the route, resulting in minor damages or delays.

Driveaway Services 

Driveaway services use a qualified driver to safely transport your car across the country. This method requires a skilled driver to safely transfer your car to the destination. Driveaway services are highly desired by individuals shipping or buying a vehicle from a faraway seller.


Affordable: Driveaway services are cheaper than conventional shipping methods, particularly for long distances.

Flexible scheduling: you can schedule pickup and delivery depending on your chosen timeline, offering greater flexibility.

Efficient delivery: With excellent driveaway services, your car can be delivered straight to the final location without extra loading and unloading difficulties.


Insurance coverage: It is necessary to confirm the level of insurance protection and any deductibles offered by driveaway services.

Condition of the vehicle: Since a knowledgeable driver will handle your car, it is essential to consider the possibility of increased mileage and wear during transport.

Driver reliability: To guarantee the safety and security of your car, you must choose a respected driveaway service staffed by skilled and dependable drivers.


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